Up-lighting hire in Blackpool

We often combine our professional DJ service with our full room uplighting to supply a fantastic Wedding entertainment package for Weddings and parties.

Here in Blackpool, we have used our sky blue uplighting to fill the room to match the Wedding colour scheme which was Manchester City sky blue.

With the room being naturally dark, the lighting was striking and really turned the room into a perfect party venue for the evening reception.

We can hire every shade of blue uplighting including pale blue, sky blue, navy blue, royal blue, dark blue and pastel blue.

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Up-lighting Hire in Blackpool

Uplighting hire for Christening

As well as Weddings, we provide our lighting services to all kinds of events.

Christenings are perfect for uplighting as you can light the room in pink for a girl, blue for a boy, or in the case of this photograph and mixture of the two colours for twins.

We lit the room using par lighting in pastel shades of blue and pink as not to over power the room. This fitted in perfectly with the pastel bows tied on the chair covers.

We can provide any colour lighting for christenings, yellow is also popular as it is neutral and can be used for boy or girl.

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Uplighting Hire for Christening

Dancefloor Hire in Tarporley

We do a lot of dancefloor hire work in Tarporley Cheshire as there are so many Wedding venues around the area.

Here we have fitted our white starlit dancefloor at The Wild Boar Hotel in Tarporley.

The dancefloor was laid in the marquee to the back of the hotel which is tailor made for Weddings and celebrations.

In this image we have set up the dancefloor for the afternoon meal, laying the dancefloor in front of the top table.

After the Wedding Breakfast, the top table is removed, and replaced by the DJ, the guest tables re arranged, and the party begins!

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Dancefloor Hire in Tarporley

Black and White Checked Dancefloor at Walton Hall Cheshire

Checked dancefloor hire is very popular as the classic black and white colour scheme fits in with any Wedding or party theme.

It looks superb at modern contempary Weddings as well as traditional style Weddings.

Seen here at Walton Hall in Cheshire (near Warrington) our dancefloor looks great with the classical surroundings and decoration of the room.

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Dancefloor Hire at Walton Hall

Wedding DJ at the Palm House Sefton Park Liverpool

We get to DJ at so many different venues and The Palm House in Sefton Park Liverpool is a venue to behold.

Set amongst the botantic gardens, trees, plants and flowers, we brought an illuminated dj screen along with our usual dj equipment to bring some tropical colour to the Wedding.

Photographed on stage is our dj set up as we were ready to fill the dancefloor in this very unique Wedding venue!

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Wedding DJ in Liverpool

Pink Uplighting Hire at the Deanwater in Wilmslow

Subtle baby pink uplighting was hired today for a Wedding at the Deanwater in Wilmslow Cheshire.

Lighting the main room which was pictured here for the Wedding Breakfast, we positioned the up-lighters around the room walls, along the back of the main fairylight curtain, and pictured here down the windows behind the top table.

The pale pink coloured lighting looks great as the Bride and Groom and Bridal Party enter the room in front of their guests, as its a lovely subtle effect which adds to the look of the room rather than being a stand out lighting effect, which is what you want from uplighting in the daytime.

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Pink Uplighting Hire

Checked Dancefloor at Harewood House Leeds

It's always great to supply our dance floors at stately homes and this weekends was something different!

We were asked to provide a black and white checked dancefloor to a summer wedding at Harewood House in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Seen here is our 16x16 sized dance floor which was perfect for the outdoor setting as the sun set on a fantastic day!

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Dancefloor Hire Leeds

Wedding Lighting and Dancefloor Hire at Hope University Liverpool

A hidden gem in Liverpool, Hope University was a fantastic setting for a Wedding.

We supplied different styles of lighting to create a superb looking Wedding venue. In this image in broad daylight, we mixed the house lighting with our uplighters set to a pale gold for a really warm lighting effect.

You may also be able to see our white twinkle dancefloor at the left hand side. We supplied a 16x16 sized dance floor which was a great fit in the middle of the room, next to the Wedding DJ booth.

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LED Dancefloor in Liverpool

Wedding Lighting Liverpool

Uplighting at Charnock Farm in Leyland

It is not just plain white plastered walls that make our uplighting look fantastic. Using a slightly different lighting technique, brickwork and stone work buildings can look equally as romantic.

Here in the pic attached we see Charnock Farm near Leyland lit with a shocking pink colour effect which brings a touch of colour and atmosphere to the Wedding.

The key to lighting the brickwork is to highlight its features, not try and hide it as some up lighting companies would.

Charnock Farm looks great when uplit in any colour.

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Uplighting hire at Charnock Farm

Starlit Dancefloor and Blue Uplighting St Davids Ewloe

On rare occassions we get change to set the entire room before any Wedding guests enter for the day.

Here in the photo at St davids in Ewloe Buckley, North Wales, we have set our large white starlit dancefloor in the middle of the room, just in front of the top table.

Once the Wedding guests and bridal party entered there were gasps as the room was such a pleasant surprise to them!

The dancefloor was a superb focal point during the Wedding Breakfast and looked fantastic on the Wedding photographs of the speeches including those of the father of the bride and best man speech!

To finish off the room in this Winter Wonderland theme, we added rich blue uplighters which really added the final touches to the Wedding theme.

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Blue Uplighing

Starlit Dancefloor