Frequently asked questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

Yes. All items are delivered to the venue for you.

Yes. All items are set up at the venue for you.

The items are set up in one room only unless stated on the booking form. We do not move items between rooms.

Yes. We remove all items after the event has finished.

Payment can be made anytime upto 1 month before the event date.

We supply a wide range of satin sashes and organza sashes. If we do not have your chosen colour we can order it in for you.

We recommend 3 main sizes depending on the size of room and space available and the amount of guests you have. The 3 main sizes are 12x12ft (suitable for 100 guests), 14x14ft (suitable for 125 guests), 16x16ft (suitable for over 125 guests.

If you have ordered too big a size floor once all other items (tables, dj etc) are in the room - dont worry! Our dancefloors are adjustable and we will be able to put a floor in that fits the available area perfectly at the same cost. This is known as 'best fit'.

No. Drinks are not allowed on the dancefloor as spillages can damage the floor and in the case of the starlit dancefloors damage the circuitry and stop the floor from working. Similarly, confetti is not allowed on the dancefloor for the same reasons.

Experience DJs know that a great event plays happy, upbeat music for people of every age to enjoy. This encourages a great party atmosphere. We also have an online planner where you can choose any music you do, and any music you do not wish to hear, which we can incorporate into the evenings music.

We do a wide range of colours and shades. Please ask if you have any particular colour in mind. If it is not possible to match your colour we will advise on a suitable colour scheme to compliment your room.

We have made the booking process very simple.

Simply CONTACT US with details of which services you are interested in to get a price and check availability on your date.

If you are happy to proceed we will reserve the date for you and send you a booking form to sign and return within 14 days.

Once we receive it back we will send you confirmation that the event is booked. (the booking is only confirmed when you receive this confirmation email).

Payment can be made anytime upto 1 month prior to the date of the event.

Once booked, you can continue to contact us anytime.

We will contact you near the week of the event date to confirm all details.