Light your venue in any colour scheme of your choice

Uplighting or wedding lighting (sometimes known as mood lighting) allows you to colour the walls and features of your venue in any colour scheme. A truly stunning way to make your venue look extra special. Especially effective for Weddings and Parties where you want to create that 'WOW' factor. Our uplighters are specifically designed to be discrete yet powerful enough to light any venue.


Available in all colours and shades thanks to our professional RGB colour mixing including:

pink, coral, baby pink, hot pink, cerise.

purple, cadburys purple, lavender, indigo.

blue, sky blue, light blue, navy blue, dark blue.

red, crimson, orange, peach, tangerine, claret, burgundy.

green, mint, leaf green, light green, turquoise.

yellow, gold, amber, lemon, white.

.... and all colours and shades inbetween. If you have any particular colour scheme in mind please contact us and we will work out what are the best options for your event. As each light has its own colour settings, you can have all the lights the same static colour or also have different lights in different colours, ie pink and blue, red and white or any combination you wish.


The uplighting can be used all day or just in evening, providing a stunning effect no matter what time it is used. In the daytime it can be used to subtly light the ceremony or Wedding Breakfast, or you can keep the lighting just for the Wedding Reception and create the effect of a completely different room ready for a party!


Simply THE BEST Wedding add on we do!

Also perfect for christenings - blue for a boy, pink for girl - or both for twins!

Superb for product launches and conferences.

Excellent for lighting bands, musicians, architectural features.

Available in any colour scheme!

Uplighting is our most popular and cost effective Wedding and Party Event enhancement.

Our top of the range uplighters have full RGB colour mixing available, which allow us to get colours other uplighting companies and Wedding suppliers can't, such as Gold, Cadburys Purple, Sage, Mint, Burgundy and more!

If you have any particular colour scheme in mind please contact us