Fairylight Backdrop

Create the perfect fairytale look for your Wedding by adding our fully adjustable Wedding Backdrop Curtain with fairylights behind the Top Table.

Complete with lovely LED fairy lights and cover curtain, the backdrop really does looking stunning and creates a fantastic frame for the Bride and Groom, Bridesmaids, Best Man and Bridal Party, whilst hiding any unsightly decoration in the room such as pictures, wallpaper and windows..


The Wedding Curtain is fully adjustable upto 6m x 3m which is specifically designed so that Wedding photographs of you and your family seated on the top table perfectly capture the swags and lighting for the perfect picture. We can also extend the curtain if you need to cover a larger area. If you have any particular size other than 6mx3m please ask and we can get you an accurate quote.


Please do not confuse this with cheap alternative curtains and backdrops. Like all our equipment, this is a professional, high quality Wedding essential and exudes quality to make your venue decoration look fantastic.