Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:


1. We do not tolerate any abuse, bad language or threatening behaviour to our staff under any circumstances from clients, guests or venue staff. We will explain to you if we do and give you chance to sort the issue, if the behaviour reoccurrs this can lead to us removing our services immediately.

2. Any issues with any of our services must be reported to us immediately so we can rectify the issue. We cannot rectify any problems after the event.

3. We require adequate and safe entry and exit as well as close parking to set up all events.

4. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the venue has adequate power supplies for the services ordered.

5. We are not responsible for any issues caused by venues power supplies.

6. Any damages will be reported to the venue and yourselves and will be charged for.

7. We will at all times adhere to Health & Safety regulations and cannot be held responsible if these affect services ordered.

8. When hiring equipment from us the client is responsible for ensuring all equipment is returned safely and in the condition it was left in. Any damages or loss of equipment or theft shall be chargeable to the client.

9. No one, including client, guests or venue staff, is to move any of our equipment at all under any circumstances. If something needs to be moved we must be informed prior.

10. All services are at the discretion of the venue regarding designated areas for our services. It is the clients responsibility to sort any specific requirements including room set up with the venue.

11. If specific start and end times are not stated on the booking form, these shall be start 7.30pm and finish midnight.

12. It is the clients responsibilty to ensure any products or services booked are suitable for use at the chosen venue.

13. All bookings are for one set up in one room only unless otherwise stated. We do not move items between rooms.


1. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the area for the floor is flat, and in the case of the led floors, does not contain metal plates or raised metal edges which can short circuit the floor.

2. No objects including tables, chairs, stickers, transfers or decorations are to be placed on the dancefloor.

3. If the area designated for the dancefloor is not large enough for the size of floor ordered, we will install a smaller more suitable floor at the same price.

4. It is the clients responsibility to ensure a clear path, free of tables and chairs, from the dancefloor to a working power supply.

5. Any breakages (broken glass etc) and spillages must be immediately swept up and removed from the dancefloor. These can cause serious damage if left.

6. Please treat the floor as you would any other electrical product.

7. Please avoid standing on the power cables. This may stop the floor from working.

8. Confetti, especially metal confetti, and confetti cannons, are not allowed under any circumstances. These can both short circuit the dancefloor causing it to go off and cause permanent damage to the panels and power supply which we will charge for.

9. Drinks are not allowed on the dancefloor under any circumstances. Any drinks spilled on the led dancefloor may cause the floor to stop working  and damage the circuitry. We cannot be held responsible if the floor will not re-light due to issues caused by spilled drinks by the client or their guests.

10. We are always on call for the led dancefloor. As the floor is electric there is an extremely slim chance we may be needed to sort any problems, therefore please ensure you have our phone number on the night so we can come and sort any issues for you. We cannot deal with any issues after the event.

11. If the floor has been damaged in use we will give you the option of taking up the dancefloor and trying to fix the problem for you. It is your choice whether we do so, which may mean you clearing the dancefloor area until fixed. We may not be able to resolve the problem if you do not allow this.


1. Please respect our uplighting equipment. Do not place items, clothing or prams etc over the top of them. Please do not allow children to play or touch the uplighters. These do not give off heat, but are electric. If these rules are ignored the lighting in question will be removed.

2. We will do our very best to colour match to your colour scheme, but this is dependent on the venue walls, wallpaper and wall colour. Neutral coloured walls are perfect, but it is sometimes scientifically impossible to get a specific colour if the walls are already a certain colour.

3. Uplighting is used to light architectural features such as walls and objects to bring them to life. We cannot light items such as windows in broad daylight. Likewise rooms such as glasshouses and rooms letting in excessive sunlight could have a big effect on the lighting until the sun goes down. 

4. We require the uplighters to have at least 1metre from the nearest obstruction - chair, tables etc. This is to avoid any trip hazards and protect the lights from damages.


We will always get the room exactly how we believe the client wants it following our meetings with the client. Any issues with the dressing must be addressed before we leave the venue.


1. Please be respectful of all your guests regarding music choices and requests. We reserve the right not to play any music or music requests we believe to be potentially inappropriate.

2. We do not plug in anybody's CDs, MP3s, i pods etc into our play out systems.

3. We do not allow other artistes to use or plug in to our systems. We do not allow clients and guests to use the microphones for anything other than official speeches.


In order to have the perfect projection onto the dancefloor our projector and stand must be central to the dancefloor from the perspective of viewing. Any deviation from this will cause the projection to be slanted / keystoned where it may not look as straight as it would if projected directly infront of the floor. Please ensure there is clear space for us to project and there are no line of sight obstructions. We cannot accept responsibility if we cannot project straight because of external suppliers or obstructions.


Cancellation fees are clearly stated below and WILL be adhered to regardless of reason. Any refusal to pay will result in legal action being taken. All events require payment 1 month prior to the event date. If payment is not received we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

All cancellations MUST be given in writing by letter or email.

Cancellation Fees:

There is a 14 day 'cooling off' period from the date of booking where the client can choose to cancel the booking without charge. After 14 days the following cancellation charges apply: 

1) Less than 1 months notice to date of event = FULL amount.

2) Upto 3 months before the date of the event = 50% of full amount.

3) More than 3 months notice to date of event = £100.

We do not refund any monies for events where we are unable to fulfil the booking due the venue having closed down, being unable to open, or if the venue has gone out of business. We advise looking specialist insurance to cover yourselves against any unexpected financial pitfalls. All cancellation costs will still apply.

We do not refund any monies for bookings where the Wedding or event has been cancelled due to issues outside of our control. We advise looking at specialist insurance to cover yourselves against any unexpected financial pitfallsAll cancellation costs will still apply.


Please ensure you have our contact details on the day should you need us for anything. We are always on call to deal with any issues. As a lot of the equipment is electric it could be something as simple as someone unplugging something or trips a switch, so we are available on the details below. We do not stay in the venue once set up (unless DJing). It is the clients responsibilty to contact us in such an event. We cannot resolve any issues after the event or if we are not contacted on the day of the event.


All private events must be paid for at least 1 month before the date of the event. Any non payment could put your booking at risk. We do not carry out any work that has not been paid for.