Blue Uplighting at Rochdale Town Hall

An architectural lighting role for us today at the magnificent Rochdale Town Hall.

Hired to light the main room and window arches, as well as the staircase, in blue, turquoise and green uplighting we transformed the room into a gorgeous Wedding setting.

We used 2 uplighters per window arch, lighting half in each shade of blue. We also lit the stage area with our par 64 par cans and stage washes and carefully lighted the organ which look fantastic above the DJ lights.

Finally, we used around another 20 uplighters to colour the room in the designated blue and green colours which brought the dark room to life!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire at Rochdale Town Hall

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Blue Uplighting for Winter Wonderland Wedding in Whitchurch Chester

We hire our equipment and venue dressing to all kinds of themed Weddings and events.

This Wedding was perhaps one of the most surprising!

Set on a scorching sunny Summers evening, as a surprise to the Bride, the Groom had ordered in a movie grade snow machine to completely cover the entire room in snow to create a fantastic Winter Wonderland themed Wedding.

We complemented the snow by adding in our fairylight backdrop, ice white led dancefloor with twinkling white led lights and ice blue uplighters to uplight the entire room.

The entire Winter Wonder land theme looked stunning. Seen here in the photograph image is our blue uplighting giving the theme the finishing touch.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting hire at Whitchurch Chester

Winter Wonderland Wedding

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Ceremony Lighting in a Marquee

Uplighting can be used in a variety of venues and rooms.

Here we have a Wedding Ceremony, or civil ceremony, in a marquee rather than a hotel or Wedding venue.

The uplighters coloured the walls of the marquee in a blush pink coloured lighting to give the ceremony a nice colour scheme which matched with the Wedding flowers and Bridesmaids Dresses and Groomsmens ties.

See our products used on this event here:

Ceremony Lighting

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Chair Cover Hire at Hurlston Hall

Hurlston Hall was this weekends venue for a lovely bright Wedding.

Photographed here for the civil ceremony you can see how clean and bright our white chair covers are, and the perfect fit they give.

We matched them with royal blue organza lace sashes tied in traditional bows which worked very well.

We added in a few subtle blue uplighters to give the ceremony a touch of colour.

After the service the room was re set for the Wedding Breakfast meal and the chairs rearranged around the tables for the meal.

See our products used on this event here:

Chair Cover Hire Hurlston Hall

Ceremony Lighting

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Check Dancefloor at Peckforton Castle Cheshire

The black and white checked dance floor fits in with any type of Wedding venue, whether it be a small hotel or a large castle, such as this weeks Wedding at Peckforton Castle near Tarporley in Cheshire.

Positioned in the middle of the Great Hall, this is a photo taken after the Ceremony as we were preparing the room for the evening party celebrations.

We left a space on the left for the DJ to set up and covered the room in purple lighting using our uplighters.

A fantastic venue, and one where our black and white checkerboard dancefloor looks fantastic and compliments the medieval decor of the castle.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire Peckforton Castle

Purple Uplighting

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Dancefloor Hire at Abbey House Hotel Barrow Cumbria

A blue and yellow colour scheme was required at todays Wedding at Abbey House Hotel in Barrow in Furness in Cumbria.

In the main event room we supplied around 20 uplights in alternate royal blue and yellow, to match the chair covers and table decorations.

For an added wow! we hired our 14x14 twinkling dancefloor in white in the centre of the room which worked really well with the blue and yellow lighting.

The Wedding party were also dressed in the same colour scheme and once the dancefloor was full the room looked fantastic!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at Abbey House

Dancefloor hire at Abbey House

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Dancefloor Hire at Mercure Blackrod in Bolton

Into the evening at Mercure Blackrod A6 near Bolton, locally known as the Georgian House.

Now it was time to set up the 12x12 white starlit led dancefloor and our all white dj booth ready for the evening reception party.

The combination of these worked great and set a lovely contrast against the warm white fairylights of the backdrop.

The dancefloor was full all night where we played everything from current chart music, 70s and 80s, motown and a lot of Indie and dance music.

We had everyone on the dancefloor for the last song of the night and brought a great end to the Wedding and a full day that ran so smoothly. 

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire at Mercure Blackrod Bolton

Wedding DJ Bolton

Uplighting hire Bolton

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Dancefloor Hire at Mottram Hall Cheshire

Here is another angle from our full evening entertainment for a Wedding at Mottram Hall in Cheshire.

From this angle you can see our Wedding DJ set up including booth, our pink uplighters which light the room a lovely shade of pink, and our large white led dancefloor.

The package works together very well and helps transform the venue from the serenity of the Wedding Breakfast into a evening reception to remember!

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire at Mottram Hall in Cheshire

Wedding DJ Mottram Hall

Uplighting Mottram Hall

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Dancefloor Hire at Ridgmont House in Horwich Bolton

As one of the leading dancefloor companies in the North West, its nice to travel all over Lancashire to provide our Wedding hire services. We also love supplying the local venues when asked to do so.

This week we were hired for a Wedding at Ridgmont House in Horwich Bolton to provide our white starlit dance floor as well as our pink uplighting and fairylight backdrop for the Wedding party.

The fairylight curtain was used along the rear wall to cover the windows but provide a nice backdrop for the first dance sitting just behind the dj and wedding cake.

The white twinkling dance floor was laid in front of the evening disco and was enjoyed by all throughout the evening music.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor Hire in Horwich

uplighting hire in Horwich

Fairylight Backdrop Hire in Horwich

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Dancefloor Hire at Rudding Park Harrogate

A trip over to North Yorkshire this weekend for a Wedding at Rudding Park in Harrogate.

We were asked to provide a sparkle to the Wedding entertainment and did so using our striking pink and purple uplighting and flashing starlight dancefloor.

These looked stunning when we turned the lights down in the room and the white leds in the dancefloor look stunning slowly twinkling as everyone danced the night away!

We also provided our professional Wedding DJ service. In the photo you can see our starcloth dj booth which looks fitting for any Wedding and helps conceal any untidy wiring.

Finished off with our professional dj lighting which coloured the room in fantastic colour and patterns. As our lighting is dmx controlled the lighting was constantly changed for every aspect of the evning - slow and subtle for the start and first dance, lighter for the evening buffet and full on party for the rest of the night!

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at Rudding Park

Dancefloor hire at Rudding Park

Wedding DJ Harrogate

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Dancefloor Hire at Ruthin Castle

We have supplied our services at Ruthin Castle for years.

From Wedding DJ to uplighting, black and white dancefloor and white led dancefloor, we have supplied entertainment for lots of Weddings here, both in the main ball room and medieval room.

In the main ballroom (pictured) you can see our white led dance floor, dj lighting and a few pink uplighters in the room.

The room can be configured in several different ways, with the dancefloor in the middle of the room (typically a 12x12 size) or with the dance floors at the bottom the room (typically a 16x16 sized floor).

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at Ruthin Castle

Dancefloor hire at Ruthin castle

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Dancefloor Hire at Shrigley Hall in Pot Shrigley

Ready for the Wedding Reception party!

This photo shows our 16x16 white starlit dancefloor, lemon yellow uplighting, chair covers with organza silver sash and custom made table centrepieces.

We provided the Martini vases with water beads, mirror base and led light up bases and the Bride provided the yellow hand made tops for the vases.

The entire colour scheme worked brilliantly and made for a superb Wedding!

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire at Shrigley Hall

Uplighting hire Shrigley Hall

Chair Cover Hire Pot Shrigley

Table Centrepieces

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Flashing Dancefloor at Stirk House in Gisburn

Our flashing dancefloor is perfect for any Wedding venue and fits great at Stirk House in Gisburn Lancashire.

The venue already has a rectangular wooden floor area, but the white led dance floor is fine to go over the top of that as it is a permanent flat floor area.

Any size of dance floor is fine at Stirk House, but we usually put ina 16x16 as a minimum size.

The floors fit perfect positioned infront of the large stage and help highlight the dj band or any Wedding entertainment.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor Hire at Stirk House

Uplighting at Stirk House

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Hot Pink Uplighting

Following on from the Wedding Breakfast at Stirk House in Gisburn it was time to get the party going, and in preperation we set our uplighters from soft pink to hot pink and cerise to give that party feeling!

The striking colour scheme looked fantastic and really set the tone for a great evening.

The Bride loved the change in colour and it was like walking back into a different room after the meal.

The hot pink and cerise is a nice alternative colour to pink or purple.

See our products used on this event here:

Hot Pink Uplighting

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LED Dancefloor and Red Uplighting at Christmas Wedding

Christmas Weddings are always a fantastic time for a celebration with every guest in great spirits!

Here in the photo we had secretely been asked to provide red uplighting for the evening and night do, and hide our white led dance floor behind the curtain dividing the room until it was time to surprise the Bride and Groom when they came back into the room!

Red uplighting (also shown) adds to any xmas party event and really warms up the look of the room.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor Hire in Manchester

Uplighting in Manchester


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LED Dancefloor and Wedding DJ and Pink Uplighting at Rookery Hall in Cheshire

A lovelys venue for a Cheshire Wedding Rookery Hall was were we provided a Wedding package for the evening reception to bring some sparkle, colour and fun!

The Bride and Groom hired our 16x16 white starlit dancefloor alongside pink uplighting and purple up lighting around the room and our Wedding DJ which we provided a white starcloth booth to fit in with the lovely pink and white colour scheme.

The room was perfect for this package with the dancefloor and dj being a real focal point, and the uplighters covering all 4 walls of the room.

It creates a real wow factor as you walk into the main room from the bar area.

See our products used on this event here:

Uplighting at Rookery Hall

Starlit Dancefloor hire at Rookery Hall

Pink Uplighting at Rookery Hall

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Led Dancefloor at York Wedding

It is great to see Weddings in big cities and counties and we love working in York!

At this weekends Wedding we provided a backdrop curtain system, large victorian post box hire, blue uplighting, white chair covers and blue sash bows in organza material, our Wedding DJ set up and large white led dancefloor.

It was a great day and evening and all our products worked very well together as they are designed to do.

The blue uplighting really made the white starlit flashing dancefloor stand out and our DJ lighting highlighted the newlyweds during the First Dance for everyone to see.

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor hire in York

chair cover hire

Uplighting in Yorkshire

Post Box hire for Wedding

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