LED Dancefloor hire at Eaves Hall Clitheroe

Eaves Hall near Clitheroe in Lancashire is a venue we know very well and have done lots of Weddings at including venue dressing, dancefloor hire (both our black and white dancefloor and white twinkling dance floors) uplighting and Wedding DJ service.

We have worked in all 3 areas - the main room to the right as you walk in, the room to the left that is usually used for the evening celebration and the lobby area.

This photograph shows our white flashing dancefloor in the room on the left as you walk in. A good fit for this room is either a 12x12ft or a 14x14ft, both work very well.

With the room being quite small the room is filled nicely once you have the dancefloor and DJ in position ready for the evening to begin!

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Dancefloor Hire Eaves Hall


Sparkling Dancefloor hire in Leeds

We supply all our Wedding and party services and products throughout Yorkshire and this week we hired our starlight dancefloor to a lovely venue in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We had set up our fairylight backdrop for the Wedding Breakfast, then fitted a rectangular led dancefloor for the evening, seen here just after set up, which all the guests loved!

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Dancefloor in Leeds

Wedding at Bodnant Welsh Food

We provided the evening entertainment for a lovely Wedding at Bodnant Welsh Food in North Wales.

We created a fantastic Weding Package which included our professional Wedding DJ with white starcloth booth and DMX white lighting, black and white check dancefloor, white uplighting and names projection which we positioned over the top of the DJ booth.

This worked together to create a lovely subtle romantic effect for the room in keeping with the decor of the Wedding venue.

We had a great night with a lovely crowd and the music filled the dance floor all evening.

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Uplighting hire North Wales

Wedding DJ

Dancefloor Hire North Wales

Monogram Projection

LED Dancefloor and Wedding DJ and Pink Uplighting at Rookery Hall in Cheshire

A lovelys venue for a Cheshire Wedding Rookery Hall was were we provided a Wedding package for the evening reception to bring some sparkle, colour and fun!

The Bride and Groom hired our 16x16 white starlit dancefloor alongside pink uplighting and purple up lighting around the room and our Wedding DJ which we provided a white starcloth booth to fit in with the lovely pink and white colour scheme.

The room was perfect for this package with the dancefloor and dj being a real focal point, and the uplighters covering all 4 walls of the room.

It creates a real wow factor as you walk into the main room from the bar area.

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Uplighting at Rookery Hall

Starlit Dancefloor hire at Rookery Hall

Pink Uplighting at Rookery Hall

Uplighting for a Wedding at Manchester University

Something completely different for us at Sparkling Weddings and Events this week.

A huge room at one of Manchester Universities buildings was perfect for our high powered uplighting hire.

We coloured the venue walls in purple and blue uplighting which streched from the floor to the very high ceiling.

Then, we lit floor areas from the elevated gallery, before moving on to light the architectural features of the organ pipes.

For an idea of scale the LOVE letters were 4ft high and the small objects in the photo are Wedding guests!

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Uplighting hire Manchester

Dancefloor Hire at Shrigley Hall in Pot Shrigley

Ready for the Wedding Reception party!

This photo shows our 16x16 white starlit dancefloor, lemon yellow uplighting, chair covers with organza silver sash and custom made table centrepieces.

We provided the Martini vases with water beads, mirror base and led light up bases and the Bride provided the yellow hand made tops for the vases.

The entire colour scheme worked brilliantly and made for a superb Wedding!

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Dancefloor hire at Shrigley Hall

Uplighting hire Shrigley Hall

Chair Cover Hire Pot Shrigley

Table Centrepieces

Venue Dressing at Shrigley Hall Cheshire

The Tilden Suite at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire was the venue for todays all day Wedding.

Here you can see the set up for the Wedding Breakfast.

The Wedding colour scheme was lemon yellow which we matched with subtle yellow uplighting.

We fitted our white chair covers with organza silver sash which provided a lovely contrast to the yellow.

We also provided guest table centrepieces which consisted of our large glass martini vases filled with water beads. These were seated on mirror bases and light up led bases that light up the water beads in the vase. The Bride had made the lemon yellow top decoration for the vases.

We also swagged the top table and placed shorter martini vases along the table which also were lit up by the led bases.

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Uplighting hire Shrigley Hall

Chair Cover Hire Pot Shrigley

Table Centrepieces

Chessboard Dancefloor Hire in Lancashire

Black and White dancefloors, sometimes called a chessboard dancefloor, look great at any event, party or Wedding.

Set up here for a corporate party is our 16x16 black and white checkered floor.

These are so much nicer looking than traditional cheap parquet dancefloors and are always laid very clean and polished.

Seen here at Hurlston Hall near Ormskirk in Lancashire.

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Dancefloor hire in Lancashire

Led Dancefloor at York Wedding

It is great to see Weddings in big cities and counties and we love working in York!

At this weekends Wedding we provided a backdrop curtain system, large victorian post box hire, blue uplighting, white chair covers and blue sash bows in organza material, our Wedding DJ set up and large white led dancefloor.

It was a great day and evening and all our products worked very well together as they are designed to do.

The blue uplighting really made the white starlit flashing dancefloor stand out and our DJ lighting highlighted the newlyweds during the First Dance for everyone to see.

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Dancefloor hire in York

chair cover hire

Uplighting in Yorkshire

Post Box hire for Wedding

Wedding Projection at Coniston Hotel near Skipton

Wedding lighting and venue lighting is very important to create the dream Wedding effect.

In this image we show how well defined our gobo projection is - firstly colouring the parquet dancefloor blue, then using our custom made monogram and name projection in white to display "Mr & Mrs Wright" onto the dance floor as a real focal point.

This really does make such an impact at your Wedding and looks amazing on photographs as opposed to just a plain dancefloor.

This was hired alongside our Wedding DJ and uplighting package.

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Wedding monogram gobo projection