LED Dancefloor hire at Eaves Hall Clitheroe

Eaves Hall near Clitheroe in Lancashire is a venue we know very well and have done lots of Weddings at including venue dressing, dancefloor hire (both our black and white dancefloor and white twinkling dance floors) uplighting and Wedding DJ service.

We have worked in all 3 areas - the main room to the right as you walk in, the room to the left that is usually used for the evening celebration and the lobby area.

This photograph shows our white flashing dancefloor in the room on the left as you walk in. A good fit for this room is either a 12x12ft or a 14x14ft, both work very well.

With the room being quite small the room is filled nicely once you have the dancefloor and DJ in position ready for the evening to begin!

See our products used on this event here:

Dancefloor Hire Eaves Hall