Purple Uplighting Hire at West Tower in Ormskirk

West Tower in Ormskirk, Lancashire, is the perfect venue for adding our lighting packages to.

As the venue is decorated in a neutral colour scheme, it lends itself to be coloured in any style you like.

As you will see from our other photos on the website during the daytime and for the civil ceremony and meal, we keep the uplighting subtle which works great. In the photo attached however, you will see the room set up for the evening party!

We have washed the room with our purple uplighters and also added a custom made Wedding gobo projection showing the names of the Bride and Groom which looked spectacular!

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Uplighting hire at West Tower Ormskirk

Monogram Wedding hire

White led Dancefloor hire at Royal Clifton Hotel Southport

Rectangular dancefloors for Weddings are more common than you would think, and thanks to the way our dance floors fit together we can create any size to fit your venue room.

Photographed here at the Royal Clifton Hotel in Southport, is our led starlit dancefloor laid in a long rectangular shape to run alongside the tables and chairs whilst still providing a large area for dancing!

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Starlit Dancefloor Hire in Southport

Party Lighting Hire at Charnock Farm Leyland

Multi coloured party lighting was hired for a birthday party at Charnock Farm in Leyland.

To create a lively party atmosphere we set our uplights to red, white and green which set the atmosphere for a great night!

The lighting was positioned around the room and lit the walls from floor to ceiling and fitted in superbly with the dj lighting.

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Party Lighting Charnock Farm Leyland

Purple Uplighting Hire Holiday Inn A55

Cadbury Purple up lighting hire is very popular for Weddings and Parties.

It is a perfect colour as it is gender neutral (ie not pink or blue) but the perfect inbetween mix.

The purple uplighters add a lovely colour wash to civil ceremonies, meals or receptions.

Pictured hure at the Holiday Inn express on the A55 in North Wales.

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Purple Uplighting Hire

Starlit Dancefloor at Bartle Hall

Another Wedding at Bartle Hall and another different style of set up.

This time we hired a 14x14 white starlit dancefloor in the usual location in front of the steps leading to the stage.

As an addition we set up a fairylight backdrop at the back of the stage with warm wihite fairylights which made a perfect backdrop to the dancefloor and first dance Wedding photos.

Bartle Hall can take a 14x14 or 12x12 size dancefloor - both look great.

A 6mx3m backdrop curtain works well across the back of the stage.

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Fairylight Backdrop Hire

Starlit Dancefloor

Venue Dressing with chair covers with green bows

Back at the Deanwater inbetween Woodford and Wilmslow to provide the venue dressing for the Wedding Breakfast this week!

In the image attached you will see our chair covers in white and subtle mint green sashes tied in bows.

We hired 150 chair covers which also were used in the evening for the party!

The mint green colour is subtle yet gives a real fresh and light feel to the Wedding.

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Chair Covers and Green Sashes

Blue Uplighting for Winter Wonderland Wedding in Whitchurch Chester

We hire our equipment and venue dressing to all kinds of themed Weddings and events.

This Wedding was perhaps one of the most surprising!

Set on a scorching sunny Summers evening, as a surprise to the Bride, the Groom had ordered in a movie grade snow machine to completely cover the entire room in snow to create a fantastic Winter Wonderland themed Wedding.

We complemented the snow by adding in our fairylight backdrop, ice white led dancefloor with twinkling white led lights and ice blue uplighters to uplight the entire room.

The entire Winter Wonder land theme looked stunning. Seen here in the photograph image is our blue uplighting giving the theme the finishing touch.

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Uplighting hire at Whitchurch Chester

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Uplighting hire in Leeds

A fantastic venue in Leeds for a corporate event this week.

Decorated in blue and black, including black chair covers, the room spared no expense.

We were asked to uplight the room with blue uplighters and did so by lighting the walls, doorways and the central pillars in a 360 degree pattern to ensure full coverage.

Blur was such a great choice as the room contained black and white starcloths and backdrops, which really worked well with the blue lighting to create a high end corporate event look.

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Uplighting Hire in Leeds

Dancefloor Hire at Rudding Park Harrogate

A trip over to North Yorkshire this weekend for a Wedding at Rudding Park in Harrogate.

We were asked to provide a sparkle to the Wedding entertainment and did so using our striking pink and purple uplighting and flashing starlight dancefloor.

These looked stunning when we turned the lights down in the room and the white leds in the dancefloor look stunning slowly twinkling as everyone danced the night away!

We also provided our professional Wedding DJ service. In the photo you can see our starcloth dj booth which looks fitting for any Wedding and helps conceal any untidy wiring.

Finished off with our professional dj lighting which coloured the room in fantastic colour and patterns. As our lighting is dmx controlled the lighting was constantly changed for every aspect of the evning - slow and subtle for the start and first dance, lighter for the evening buffet and full on party for the rest of the night!

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Uplighting at Rudding Park

Dancefloor hire at Rudding Park

Wedding DJ Harrogate

Dancefloor Hire at Statham Lodge

A popular location for our dancefloors and uplighting hire is Statham Lodge in Cheshire.

We can fit several different sizes at this venue, depending on how the guests tables are arranged. The most popular being a 16x16 dancefloor and 20x12 dancefloor.

The room is very light with the windows letting in lots of natural light during the daytime, then in the evening the sparkling leds in the dancefloor take over and light the dancing area brilliantly!

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Dancefloor Hire Statham Lodge