Monogram Projection at a Wedding Reception

Monogram projection, sometimes called names projection is an increasingly popular Wedding extra.

Bringing the personal touch to any Wedding, celebration, birthday party, the monogram is a classic extra to enhance your evening!

Shown here using an old style Strand Cantata stage light to get the warm white light effect, we projected the initials of the Bride and Groom onto the existing wooden dancefloor.

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Monogram Projection

Bespoke Size LED Dancefloor at Hollin Hall Bollington

Our white led starlight dancefloor is assembled in such a way that we can fit it for you even in awkward spaces.

Photographed here at Hollin Hall in Bollington Cheshire, you can see the dancefloor width is restricted due to the pillars in the room.

This was not a problem as we simply added what we lost in width to the length of the dance floor.

In this occurrence we turned a 14x14 dance floor into a 16 x 10 bespoke size.

This size dancefloor was perfect as it lay in the centre of the room and infront of the dj - making for a great night!

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LED Dancefloor at Hollin Hall

Flashing Dancefloor at Stirk House in Gisburn

Our flashing dancefloor is perfect for any Wedding venue and fits great at Stirk House in Gisburn Lancashire.

The venue already has a rectangular wooden floor area, but the white led dance floor is fine to go over the top of that as it is a permanent flat floor area.

Any size of dance floor is fine at Stirk House, but we usually put ina 16x16 as a minimum size.

The floors fit perfect positioned infront of the large stage and help highlight the dj band or any Wedding entertainment.

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Dancefloor Hire at Stirk House

Uplighting at Stirk House

Uplighting Hire at Carden Park Wedding

Todays Wedding at Carden Park near Whitchurch in Cheshire was a full day event.

We supplied our Wedding DJ for the evening as well as a rectangular led dancefloor in white.

In this photo you can see how the room looked from behind our DJ set up. We lit the room with turquoise uplighting and pink uplighting to create a stunning look!

We used our lights to add a special colour effect to the room to match the Bridesmaids dresses in pink and Groomsmens ties in turquoise.

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Uplighting Hire at Carden Park

DJ Package for a Wedding at Deanwater in Wilmslow

Its great to be back at The Deanwater and today we were asked to provide the Wedding entertainment in the form of our Wedding DJ package.

We had a great set list to play from as most of the crowd had similar tastes in music, which meant the indie set went down really well, as did motown and the classic tracks from the 70s and 80s!

To add something special the Bride and Groom hired a small 10ft x10ft white sparkling dancefloor which looked fantastic for a very personal first dance.

Another great night, and another great Wedding!

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Deanwater Wilmslow Dancefloor

DJ for Wedding

Twinkling Dancefloor at Premier Inn Ellesmere Port

We love working in Premier Inns and Holiday Inns.

The venue rooms are always well thought out and great for a speedy set up - especially useful during tight turnaround times at Weddings.

In this photo, due to the Wedding over running all day, we managed to lay this 14x14 ft twinkling led dance floor and fill the room with purple uplighting in less than half an hour to which the staff were incredibly grateful as it meant everything could now run to plan for the rest of the Wedding party!

We always liaise with the resident dj when there is one to make sure they have sufficient room to set up and operate and that they can get the very best out of the event for all the guests.

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Dancefloor Hire in Ellesmere Port

Uplighting in Ellesmere Port

Dancefloor Hired for The Pines in Chorley

A local Wedding venue to us in Chorley, the Pines, was the perfect setting for our large 16ft x 16ft white sparkle dancefloor.

Positioned in the middle of the room on the existing wooden parquet floor, our white led dancefloor looked stunning as it twinkled all night.

We complimented the dancefloor hire with our blue uplighting which we positioned around the room to light the walls, Wedding cake, stage area and first dance.

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Dancefloor Hire in Chorley

White LED Dancefloor at Mottram Hall

Sparkling dancefloors are the ultimate Wedding extra. They always look amazing as they slowly flash and twinkle as people enjoy themselves dancing through the night.

We supply lots of dancefloors to Mottram Hall in Mottram St Andrew in Cheshire - a fantastic Wedding venue.

In the Wedding image attached you can see our 16 by 16 ft white led dancefloor in the main suite. This is washed slightly blue by the lighting coming from the singer's lighting rig.

In the background you can also see one or two gold uplighters which we placed around the room.

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LED Dancefloor at Mottram Hall

Red and Gold Uplighting Hire

Pictured here at Bartle Hall in Preston is an example of how Wedding lighting can be used in an alternate scheme to creat a lovely warm atmosphere.

Mixing red and gold light using our par 56 uplighters we mixed red lighting and gold lighting around the room which looked fantastic against the red sashes on the chairs.

These 2 colours work on an all day basis as they are quite pastel in the daytime where sunshine and natural light can get into the room, then in the evening they become very rich and deep in colour which looks amazing!

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Red and Gold Uplighting Hire

Dancefloor Hire at Charnock Farm Chorley Leyland

A lovely local Wedding venue to us Charnock Farm inbetween Chorley and Leyland was the setting for our starlit dancefloor this month.

The venue always looks lovely with its combination of brickwork and wooden beams and extras such as our dancefloors and uplighting really do compliment the room.

Typically a 12x12ft or 16x12ft dancefloor is the perfect fit.

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Dancefloor hire at Charnock Farm in Leyland